Forts, palaces, architectural marvels and tales of valor all in their own way, bear testimony to the glory that Jaipur is and was just after it has conceived by Sawai Jai Singh in 1727.
Located 262km from Delhi. Jaipur was the first planned city in north India. The head quarter of PSA St. Joseph Province, Jaipur is situated in this capital city, where we live and proclaim God’s message.

The beginning

    As the years have gone by the PSA Congregation has increased its presence and activities in different dioceses. As a result it became necessary to bifurcate the institute in to Regions in order to be more effective in carrying out its mission. Thus, two regions were erected in 1999 namely Udaipur and Ajmer region. In the year 2005 the existing two regions were raised to the level of provinces. Jaipur Province is under the patronage of St. Joseph. Sr. Maris was elected as the first Provincial Superior of this Province.

    In the initial stages this province had 21 communities working in 6 Dioceses, namely Ajmer, Jaipur, Delhi, Shimla-Chandigarh, Thammarassery, New stations were opened in different states such as Rajasthan, Assam, M.P, Punjab and Italy. At present they work in 10 different dioceses with 33 communities rendering selfless services.