This emblem is the symbol of the vocation and dedicated life of every Prabhudasi and the charism of the Congregation.

In this emblem there are four different signs:

  1.  The Blessed Virgin Mary accepting the will of God.
  2. The Holy Spirit descending upon Mary.
  3. A cross and a crown of thorns.
  4. A burning Lamb.

The Virgin Mary accepting the will of God:- Here it is shown that Mary accepts God’s will in humility and obedience saying, “I am the handmaid of the Lord, be it done unto me according to your word.” Thus, Mary surrenders herself fully to God’s work of salvation.

The Holy Spirit descending upon Mary:- As soon as Mary gave her consent (FIAT) to God the Father, the Holy Spirit descended on her with power and God the son took flesh in her womb. Mary became the mother of the redeemer and participant in the redemptive work of Jesus (Co-Redeemer).

The cross and the crown of thorns:- They show that when Mary gave her consent to God’s plan, she became a participant in every work of the Redeemer. Jesus accepted sorrow and suffering from the beginning of his life and in the end wearing a crown of thorns and bearing extreme suffering on the cross, offers His life as a sacrifice to the Father. Mary became a sharer in all His sufferings and offered herself with Jesus to the Father. Thus, she became the queen of Martyrs.

The Burning Lamp:- This is the symbol of the light of the Gospel. Jesus offered His life to give this light i.e. the Father’s love to all. Mary always worked with Jesus and later with the apostles and became the queen of the apostles.

In the vocation and dedicated life of a Prabhudasi, Mother Mary is our model and example. Her attitude should be ours. Thus, our emblem is the symbol of our vocation, dedicated life and charism.

Each one of us is called and chosen by the Lord to co-operate with Him in His redeeming work. Therefore, we should also offer ourselves fully like Mary to the service of the Lord. As it happened in the life of Mary, we too will continually experience the cross. Like Mary bearing suffering with love and courage, we too have to offer ourselves in union with the sacrifice of the Lord for the salvation of humanity. Thus, we dedicate ourselves, body and soul for the spread of the light of the gospel in the hearts of all through our prayer, work and suffering. Then we too will receive the crown of the glory after this life.